PRAYER (After the Fathers Day children’s sermon)

Posted: June 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

O most Holy,

whom we humbly call Abba, Father,

Look on us your children

on this day we set aside to honor those

who have taken on the parenting of children.

As our own children leave the sanctuary,

Let us laugh at their youth and celebrate their growth.

Bless them with health and hope, and

Help us shepherd them in ways you would have them go.

Let us be thankful for caregivers we know and trust

who will soothe their fears and mend their hurts

until we see them again.

This morning, our Father,

let us see with YOUR eyes

the young ones just like ours across this nation,

tucked away in small cells in big-box stores,

the kids with fears that can’t be cured

by Teddy bears and three-squares.

Let us see with YOUR eyes

the fathers and mothers

too worried about their children

to face up to their own fears.

Let us see with YOUR eyes

the rent-a-caregivers who have

way too many kids to teach and wipe and hug.

Give them a portion of your compassion and strength.

Forgive us, O Father,

for the part we are playing in creating that loneliness,

for the fears our apathy forces on other families.

Show us your mercy so that we can share it with all who need it.

And give us your vision, O Abba,

to turn us to your own son Jesus,

who called on us to allow the children to come,

to welcome the stranger, to love the neighbor as we love ourselves.

Strengthen us to love mercy and bring an end to injustice.



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