Hope for dessert

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we made three stack cakes (short stack) for the bake sale Project Search is holding today at UT Medical Center. Project Search is a nine-month internship program offering people with intellectual/developmental disabilities the chance to develop skills that make them employable at the hospital or other similar enterprises. 
The PS interns (including daughter Haley) decided the proceeds would go to the med center’s canine squad, not their own program. For people too often forced to depend on the kindness of strangers, the opportunity to make a contribution is vital. No one wants to feel like a drain on the community. 

PS is a boon for Haley. She has always had a tremendous work ethic, and the job coaching she is getting is giving her the skills to work effectively and independently in the complex hospital environment. The training has started with the basics — getting to the work site, putting on rubber gloves — and has moved to wiping down equipment and other involved tasks. And she is being recognized as one of their best interns (sometimes a good work ethic pays off).
The transition out of Carter HS has been hard for Haley. She is very social and the inclusion programs at CHS were very supportive. In the months since leaving Carter, she has floundered without the accepting environment of her teachers and fellow students. 
Project Search is rescuing her. She has bought into her new role as a working girl. Recently when I suggested that she might need to miss a day of work, she rejected that in no uncertain terms. “I have to go. The hospital needs me.” And she is building new friends among the other PS interns. They gather as a group around the entrance before going in to their assignments. 
Every morning at 7:55, it’s a joyous experience to watch her get out of the van and stride purposefully toward the door, facing her day with all the fortitude of a WWI doughboy going over the top. It gives me fresh hope that she can make her way in the world as she faces the other changes life is sure to bring her. 

  1. Make me shed (good) tears in the morning. Well done, and all the best to Haley!

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