Of ax murders, the Rapture

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Other writings by me

I’m linking to a couple of my pieces that have drawn interest from my friends in the past.

My First Ax Murder is memoir that draws on my earliest days as a reporter in the Sevier County of the 1970s. It is as true as I can remember it and shows the impact covering this crime had on my perceptions of the world. It also points up just how much both journalism and policing have changed in the last 40 years.

By contrast, In Case of Rapture is pure fiction. Set in the Holston River country that I rambled during college, it explores what people might feel if the Rapture actually occurred and they were not taken. Personally, I’m not especially worried about the End Times (other than my own), but the notion let me explore competing feelings about faith. Southern Protestant Christianity has been the background noise of my life and is for most of the stories I write.

Both pieces were first published in The Southern Reader an ezine published by my journalist friend and former competitor David Skinner, now of Greater Atlanta.

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